Photo Framing

A photograph is fragile, if handles carelessly, the beautiful glaze turns into a collection of fingerprints.  Quality photos must be protected against dirt, dust, humidity and also the light that discolor so quickly.

I specialize in photo framing that allows me to finish the creative process.

I have a selection of antique frame, round or oval profile, simple, contemporary finishes to match the decor of today.

     Size: from 3.5 x 5 up to 30 x 40.
     Shape: Oval, Circle, Rectangle, Octagon, Hexagon, Cathedral, Oblong, Heart.
     Glass: Conservation Clear, Museum Clear, Reflection Control.
     Convex glass are available for the Oval, Rectangle, Octagon, Hexagon, Cathedral, Oblong and Circle frames to fit any size.

For a free quote, to place an order or for more information, call 613-220-3564 or email PhotoGibe@gmail.com.

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